Aside from a lot of cosmetic products, medication, and organic diet at the market and companies making money promoting how their products can make anyone feel and look young, there are still a lot of people trying to find out what really are the secrets of looking young.

Not only that I have an Asian blood and people telling me “You don’t look like your age!”, but even fellow Asians would tell me I don’t look my age which makes being an Asian is not the only prized genetic possession.  And I’m here to bare my secrets…

Think Positive.  Even at times that is hard to even pull a smile, just smile.  Try to see positive things in spite of all the negative things happening around, it won’t linger if you don’t entertain it.

Laugh a lot.  “Laughter is the best medicine” is what they always say, and it even exceed the therapies, medication that you thought would help you feel better.  Try watching comedies or funny shows, I remember how my boyfriend asked, “Why do you want to watch these shows?”, and I just replied, “Because it makes me laugh”.  Soon, I saw him watching those ‘silly’ shows too and told me, “You’re right, even how silly it is, it makes me laugh!”.

Surround yourself with positive people.  Try to avoid the negative people because they would drain your energy and rob you off your happy zone to eventually bring you to join theirs, but don’t let it be.

Eat healthy.  When I started eating healthy, I feel better and happier.  Plus, I didn’t have to exercise excessively (and I don’t have enough resistance to endure long hours of work out) but after avoiding sodas and started drinking more water instead, eating less of the fatty and junk foods.  The changes on my complexion and my belly fat became noticeable.

Do what you love.  Always follow what you’re heart longs for, although it’s easier said than done because most people misinterpret what they love to what they want and find it hard to let go.  That ruins your health because of stress trying to over control things.

Love more. Loving more is doing something expecting nothing in return.  Understand, communicate, hug, kiss, and laugh.

Well, to all people who keeps asking what’s my secret in looking young, there you go.  No expensive medication, no need liposuctions, no extensive training, and it just started as simple as just giving out smile or laugh.

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