After the bloody Schengen Visa application, it makes sense why would I be so freakin’ excited about this trip in Europe. “It’s just a a Eurotrip, duh?!” you might say, but this is why I’m writing this so you will know why…

6 Reasons Why I Am Excited of The Eurotrip

1) MEET THE PARENTS – Yes, on this trip I will get to meet my fiance’s parents. After more than a year of trying to get a tourist visa to visit them, it didn’t happen. Finally, this cruise will make it all happen. I am nervously excited!

2) DREAM COME TRUE – I used to work on a cruise roaming around Mediterranean seas and despite the glamorous skin of this job, it was not all so glamorous at all. I’ve been to almost every destination of this trip but I have never been very far from the port for a lot of reasons (budget, being naive, young, and I was not as bold as I am traveling then). I told myself, one day I want to cruise around again but I would want to be a passenger and not a server, enjoying every treats, perks, and scenery (I didn’t know how back then, but I’m happy it’s gonna happen soon).

3) TRAVELLING WITH A LOVED ONE – It’s my fiance for god sakes, and his parents! Isn’t that a dream come true for a traveler? Snuggles while enjoying sunsets on the view deck, splashing and enjoying wind surfing when the boat is anchored, tasting first class dining, and exploring cities together. All these while cruising. <3


(Check out your cruise wear too!)

4) I’LL GET TO DRESS UP – A great excuse to dress up, aren’t we like to dress up too? (I’m talking to the ladies, yeah?). Backpacking made me a really easy breezy casual hippie kind of girl, which I love by the way but I didn’t know that dressing up for the occasion will make me excited again! (and I still am!).

5) I’M GOING BACK TO EUROPE – 10 years after being a Cabin Stewardess/Bar Attendant on a cruise ship, I am back and I’m going back to explore it now as a passenger. I can’t wait to get pampered. We will be flying from Bangkok and will stay in France for 2 days and another 2 days in Athens after the 11-Day Mediterranean Cruise with Seabourn Odyssey.

6) IT’S FREE!!! – Oh well, don’t think for a second that I forgot my title because the whole trip is FREE! Yes, it’s better than a budget traveling since this is a sponsored trip, I get to enjoy all the perks and be treated on board like a princess without shedding out any cash. From fine dining food, butler service, mini-bar in the room, and whatever you wish to do (except excursions and spa treatments) are all complimentary in the package.

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