Italy is famous for their cuisine. Italians creative sense of taste, flavor, and the art of cooking is renowned all over the world imitating the authentic taste of each regional specialties that flourished to feed themselves until the 18th century when they started to introduce cuisine in quantity. As a result, almost all famous Italian dishes has their own regional origins and even provincial specialties, and because you need time to really get to try every Italian dishes they have, these 6 Must Try Italian Food When in Italy should keep you busy.



How authentic you can get eating pizza in Italy made by Italians? You want to eat it posh or in a budget, they have it. It’s Italy, Mama mia!



I can eat pasta all day and I’d still be happy but there is something about how Italians make their pasta sauces. Fresh homemade pasta, fresh homegrown tomatoes, basil, olive oil, and all ingredients that makes up a mouthwatering pasta dish.



Although, the most popular version is from Milan. It may not be Milanese style but it was great, filling though. Reminds me of the dish called ‘Bulalo’ but not soupy, instead its saucy.



Okay, eating pizza in Italy might be too cheesy for you (even if you want more cheese, you’ll find the best ones in Italy) then an Italian sandwich with its famous name, Panini is another yummy meal. Cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, your favorites from delis are one of the best.



Something for your sweet tooth? In Italy, people eat them in whatever season they are in, summer, winter, autumn, and spring but you can guess which season makes them famous. Favorite flavors? Nocciola (Hazelnut), Ciocolatto (chocolate), Menta (mint), Pistachio, and they are awesome whatever season.


Six is not enough, I guess 10, 50, 100 will not be enough anyway. These is how amazing the Italian food and beverages not to mention the spices and herbs they made famous around the globe. All I can say is, Italians know how to make your palate enjoy every bite or sip.

It should be clear that Italian cuisine is one of the best that has ever existed in culinary history. Do you agree?

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2 thoughts on “6 Must Try Italian Food When in Italy

  1. To be honest we were hugely disappointed with Italian cuisine. I mean, if you have a lot of money you can eat well (anywhere), but if you’re on a budget, your options in Italy are very limited!
    If you try to cook your own food, local supermarkets will sell you 50 types of tomato sauce but that’s it, you won’t get any other sauces (well, maybe apart from pesto, occasionally).
    In our opinion Italian food is hugely overrated and really expensive, and the ‘coperto’ charge is really annoying too. You think your coffee will cost 1,50 Eur but you are wrong, there is a cheeky service charge attached to everything!!!

    1. I noticed in some touristy areas in Italy they do that, however a more locally inclined restaurants only charge you exactly how much it is on the tag. Then again, if you’re traveling in a limited time then you there’s no time to find those places but rather get the cheapest you can get from the rip off places which is abundant in tourist areas.

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