6 Most Interesting Things to Do in Palm Springs

Palm Springs has become famous for being Hollywood’s playground. The location being so convenient from Hollywood, California made it the easiest hide away for many celebrities who are bound to their 2-hour rule on-call shoot and gigs during the early years. Now, becoming the playground for A-Listers and younger upscale generations. They are attracted to the serenity of desert resort lifestyle. No wonder there are a lot of Palm Springs vacation rentals everywhere which are always booked out during high season.

The town has a very vibrant, laid back but fun ambiance which is captivating to anyone. Aside from the usual food and museum trips here are my top picks of the most interesting to do in Palm Springs.

1) Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

The largest of the three in the world, this rotating aerial tramway tops the record, with one in South Africa and another in Switzerland. Pretty cool key to start discovering a new place you are visiting. Seeing most of it at a high view point, up above where you can see what interests you the most, then plan your itinerary from there. It was the best thing I did in Vegas, watching the beauty of the city from the highest point of Paris Tower, it was breath taking.

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway will be perfect form of vantage point to see Palm Springs valley mountains and forest, not to mention a good spot for great photos. This is something you should not miss. You can even choose to “Ride n’ Dine” after 4PM which is basically a return tram ride and food served by Pines Cafe, summer and annual passes are available as well.

Regular Ticket Prices:                                                  Ride n’ Dine Ticket Prices:
Adult:       $25.95                                                          Adult:          $36.00
Child:        $16.95 (3-12 years old)                             Children:     $23.50
Seniors:    $23.95 (65+)                                               Seniors:        $36.00

2) International Events

Events are one of the biggest attracting factor of the location as well, and International events are being held in different months all year in Palm Springs area and nearby cities drawing thousands of people from all over the world. To name a few, there are BNP Paribas Open – a professional tennis tournament; Career Builder Open – PGA Tour Event; HITS Thermal Desert Circuit Show – Equestrian Show; and The Annual White Party. Plan well if you want to attend these events, accommodations near the event areas are filled months or year early from the date of the event.

3) Coachella Valley Preserve

There are many hiking and trekking activities offered in Palm Springs, there is no scarce of options to do it. Canyons and great rocks for outdoor activities are plenty. Yet, Coachella Valley has a magical charm with its serene natural beauty and diversity.  Somehow, I understand how it inspires a designer’s imagination. A good walk or cycling in the area is just priceless.

4) Outdoor Sports Activities

From ATVs, bicycles, Segway, or even jeep tours are just a few to rent out to play in Palm Springs. Sunset hot air balloon, zip lines, rock climbing, rappelling, nature tours, and night time star-gazing tours. Adventure seeking visitors would not be disappointed and honestly, the star gazing sounds appealing to me among all the mentioned activities because I’ve done most of it (oh well).

5) Palm Springs Walk of Stars

Going on a little more laid back side of your visit, Palm Springs Walk of Stars will be a fun twist. It will not be Hollywood’s playground for nothing, several walk of fame stars can be found on the streets and statues of famous celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Sonny Bono, Frank Sinatra to name a few. Apparently, you can also put yours for the price of $10,000!

6) Village Fest

Village Fest is a little market where various things are sold from artsy souvenirs, clothes, entertainment, and food. This is more like a night market or night bizarre which is popular in the pancake trail, only in a little fancier side. Little towns will always have something like this and take advantage of seeing it. Who knows, you might find something you might want to buy and take home.

The diversity of the valley is fun and vibrant, attracting younger generation, patrons, snow birds, and visitors who wanted to experience Palm Springs desert resort lifestyle. Are you planning to visit Palm Springs? Have you been to Palm Springs? Let me know your thoughts about this amazing place, leave a comment below or message me in any social media.

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