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Visiting the little town of Patthalung may be a little appealing to some foreign travelers just for its famous landmark, Khao Ok Thalu.  Maybe I can help by giving you the 5 Top What To Do’s in Patthalung(well, in my humble opinion). The landmark may indicate that the town has so much to offer, interesting places to explore since it has the popular landmark that travelers get to see going to Krabi.  Yes, the town is just 2 hours away from the “James Bond Island” and “The Beach” place, Krabi, and 4 hours from Phuket.

Even though Patthalung isn’t a beach town, there are places that this town is boasting to its visitors.  With no further ado, here’s 5 Top What To Do’s in Patthalung.

Thale Noi Waterbird Park

Thale Noi Waterbird Park is famous in this town, its beautiful lake surrounded by thousands of waterlilies where the migratory birds nest every now and then is pretty.  The park offer a boatride for 400-450 THB per boat, yet I don’t recommend it because its not worth the cost.  There are no entrance fees when I went there twice now, even with Chris(some blogs said, its free for locals which I can pass as one and 100THB for foreign tourists but there’s none).

Khao Ok Thalu

The landmark Khao Ok Thalu is visible in the whole town and even its neighboring towns as well.  There is a legendary story behind it about the the town ancient ruler’s wives.  The mountain looks majestic and beautiful, although it was closed for climbing and trekking due to erosion, it is said to open after its rehabilitation.

Sumano Cave Temple

I must say that this cave temple is my favorite so far.  It was a cool trek in a couple of caves with multiple temples in it.  It reminds me of Sagada because it is huge, and even though the trek may have been quite a trek for the elder fellas I went with, it was really really nice and relaxing.  You get to see Buddhist temples and nature at once, how beautiful is that?

Praiwan Waterfalls

I saw Praiwan Waterfalls on the trip with the fellas as well, it is a popular hang out to the locals for picnics and swimming.  Although, there are little areas where you can dip and cool down, but I don’t think an adult can swim around it.  There is another waterfall called Lan Mom Chui Waterfalls in Patthalung that I haven’t seen yet but it was said that it is in a protection unit of Ban Tamot Wildlife(I have no idea if its even open to tourists), but I thought I should mention it here.

Khao Chaison Hot Springs

The hot springs were said to have healing elements which is why it is also popular not only to locals but for expats living here too.  I wasn’t able to see it but my fellow teachers said, there’s a huge cold swimming pool beside it that you dip in after a good dip from the hot spring.  Sounds like its already commercialized.  Judging from outside(which was what I ended up seeing because I wasn’t feeling well that time), it is already commercialized with soda ads, huge shed newly built and painted, it’s definitely talking business sh*t.

There are also interesting temples around the town that you can see if you have a motorbike,  I have yet to learn how to ride in a right-hand drive streets of Thailand to explore a little more of this town without bothering Chris to drive me around to see places.  Patthalung is beautiful but I guess one semester is good enough to explore it.


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2 thoughts on “5 Top What To Do’s in Patthalung

  1. Wow, it looks like there’s a whole lot of awesome stuff in your neck of the woods! I should definitely come plan a visit sometime!! I especially love the waterfalls and bird park (can you tell I like water?) 🙂

    1. I love it too, I’m a mermaid! I’m already thinking to move somewhere NEAR the beach. I will have to decide where. 🙂

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