It has been more than a month since I left Philippines and decided to live a life without borders which basically means a long term traveling to visit as much countries that I can, doing all different kinds of jobs I can get to extend my trip or travel cheap for that matter.  I know it doesn’t sounds easy and I tell you what, it is not as easy as it looks but for some reason, when Universe starts to work with you, it becomes easier than you think it will be.

It may not be that long since I left my home country but I can see myself staying in Thailand at least a year, just have to figure out where to sign a job offer to teach English.

5 Tips to Pull Off A Long Term Travel

  • Adaptability.  Being adaptable to just about anything works in wonders, and if you have been backpacking for awhile I bet you have gained the trait of  “Strike Anywhere” attitude which means you can strike any conversation to strangers of any nationality or join in most activities of some of those strangers that I bet will be your friends sooner or later.  Barriers should be invisible to you in whatever and whichever form it may appear.
  • Skills.  Adapting and learning new skills every time you have an opportunity to learn or acquire it is very useful to stretch out your trip.  How?  You can render your language teaching service in exchange of free accommodation, get a receptionist job in a salon, online marketing or web design in exchange of a fee, waiting tables or mixing drinks, housekeeping, dog sitting, baby sitting, or just about anything that can earn you income to live where you are to immerse with a different culture.  Learning new language is a skill that will get you a long way.
  • Courage. All of your skills wouldn’t matter if you don’t have enough guts to do what you want to do or shall I say, in making your dreams come true.  In whatever aspect, whichever way you want it to be, courage plays a big role to any success.  The courage to make that first step to get to somewhere you’ll never know you will end up makes a big difference.
  • Trust. Trusting people you just met will get you somewhere, but I say, trust also what your gut is telling you all the time, whether you should trust the stranger you are talking to at the very moment or not.  Feel the good vibes and accepting it is trusting, but be smart to recognize the bad ones.
  • Live in the present.  It is not about counting stamps on your passports, or photos to show off on Facebook, it’s all about living in the now, the present and you’ll never know where the road will take you.  Make the trip your lifestyle, do not splurge but don’t forget to explore and learn.

I don’t know how far this trip will take me but wherever it leads me, whatever the journey will offer I’d be happy to enjoy for what it is.  I’m sharing you this to let you know that is more fun to enjoy every minute of it than being scared of the unknown that may not exist.


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5 thoughts on “5 Tips to Pull Off A Long Term Travel

  1. I’m thinking about the last point especially at the moment. I always want to go to new places and see new things, but sometimes I like to relax and settle down for a while. But I can’t get totally comfortable in Thailand on a 30 day visa and get to know it like Malaysia, Korea and Taiwan where I had 90 days each – next time I come back, I might arrange a two-month visa at a foreign consulate.

    1. Do it in Laos, they stopped doing 120 days double entry in Cambodia so the only way to do it is Laos, oh well, if you only want the double entry one. 🙂

  2. Thanks for collecting some of the main features. What I usually experience is lack of courage, and let’s be honest, a girl has to consider twice where to go alone. Again, it needs practice and experience 🙂

  3. Your point about trust is important. You should always trust your gut instinct. If you trust the wrong person you could end up losing money!

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