After a year and 3 months in the blogging industry, I mean professionally, I admit that due to the hype of achieving great number of readers I wrote tons of unedited, un-proofread, even spell and grammar check were forgotten before publishing and ignored the 5 Tips to Improve Your Blogging.

The other day I received a comment telling me to use a grammar and spell checker on my posts.  I realized that whoever left that message was just pissed reading my work that was not edited and thought my article is worth her/his time that she/he took time to remind me that simple checkers necessary for writing.  I suddenly thought that if I make sure to publish a well written post from now on, I can double the readers that are interested checking out my blog for every article I will write.

Thank you whoever you are, I already acquired a good program to make it easier for me to deliver a well written fashion posts.  From that experience, I would like to share to you 5 tips to improve your blogging, just so you don’t end up like what I did before…

5 Tips to Improve Your Blogging

  1. Be creative
  2. Review your article for the trend of topic
  3. Proofread your post before posting
  4. Use visual effects such as photos and videos
  5. Follow 10 Commandments of Blogging and Check Your Blogging Etiquette

From getting almost a thousand and a half visitors a day, I reckon this will not just improve my blogging but as well as my viewers!  And You can do it too!

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