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Most backpackers know that Vang Vieng is the tubing capital of Southeast Asia because they made it more fun and life threatening too(you decide whether its good or bad).  Your adrenaline would sure be rushing when you ride your tube all the way from the higher part of the river and let the river floats you freely down to where you came from before the tuk-tuk brought you up the hill.  It was a little scary but when you’re floating for more than 30 minutes, you get to get used to it and start enjoying the view of amazing mountains and rain forest that surrounds you.  Then there are bars at the side of the rivers and you’ll hear the staff yelling at you trying to get you to stop at their bar.  Each bar has their own gimmicks to get you to stop and stay longer there and to spend your money(and will get you drunk with free “Lao-Lao shots” which makes you happy and won’t care if you spend tons at the time.

Once you decide what bar you would want to stop by, they will throw you a rope to grab on and they will pull you aside to get to their bar.  There are probably less than a hundred bars along the river.  Some bars have giant swing, flying foxes, huge slide, pumping speakers with LOUD music, and you’ll get free “Lao-Lao”, a local vodka that will make you spin in one shot.  The place was the ultimate party place for backpackers who love to get drunk and flirt, or maybe for the adventurous to try the stunts they offer.  They were all fun, however you want your adventure would be.  But, I heard they closed the river tubing now for rehabilitation.

5 Things to Do in Vang Vieng, Laos Aside from Tubing

For some quiet adventurers out there, well, here’s 5 Things to Do in Vang Vieng, Laos Aside from Tubing…

Ride around town.  Hire a bicycle or a motorbike to find the trekking places at the hidden country areas.  You’ll get to see the beauty and real local living behind the ‘somewhat developed’ town center.
Trek.  There are amazing rice fields and back roads that leads to beautiful rain forests and shallow river that you can swim in if you prefer it easy.
Spelunking.  There are also caves to explore, kids are always ready to guide you going in and out, they are just expecting a little amount of money they can have to get by for the day.
Swim.  River is just streaming at the back of the town center, it’s easily accessible to anyone (just beware of river snakes), it is also refreshing to watch fishermen do their job with nets while you swim.
Slack dining.  I think it was Laos who made it really popular, dining and slouching also watching series’ of Friends or Family Guy, depending what’s playing at the restaurant you want to eat in.  Even though the concept is common in Southeast Asia, Vang Vieng made it the normal dining way every day!  Well, the town is pretty cool with amazing view of the mountain and rain forest, its priceless, which makes the slacking a perfect hobby when you’re there.

You think 5 things to do in Vang Vieng is boring?  Nah, think again when you’re there.  I could just slack and slouch there all day long staring at the beautiful nature wonder around you.  It’s so quiet and peaceful (well, at night when people gets really drunk, its different) in the morning  until almost dinner time.  Vang Vieng is phenomenal.

Have you gone to Vang Vieng? Do you agree or not with what I said above?

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