Are you thinking about going Sedona for a day? Maybe you live in Scottsdale like us or coming from a near by fun town like Palm Springs and just wanted to get away from the city. Sedona is a great hideaway place that offers a lot. I want to share you our experience about our becoming frequent day tours to Sedona. The 5 things to do in Sedona tips that I am writing about was for 2 road trips. Yes, 2-day tours (and there will be more which will be part of my #SedonaSeries compilation).


    1. Devil’s Bridge – The rising popularity of the bridge to daredevils on social media has caught my attention. The Devil’s Bridge trail is rated easy-to-moderate due to the steep climb in the end. It was a short hike, 2 miles return. Short and steep (I say short and sweet) but the view is well worth it and the anticipation is much more than what it is. The natural stone arch is a very popular for photos. We went weekday so we didn’t have any problem with queuing to take good photos on the bridge.
      • Over All Rate:   *****
    2. Little Horse Trail – We initially planned to go to Brins Mesa but the GPS has brought us to the wrong parking area with locked gate to the trail so we rerouted to Little Horse Trail. It is where we started and thought it will be a loop, but it is just a part of multiple trails that loop. This trail itself is a short one, it’s a 1.5-hour hike return but we decided to continue on to the next one, Broken Arrow Trail to Chicken Point Vista.
      • Over All Rate: ****
    3. Broken Arrow Trail – It was a well worth decision to continue on to this trail. Very scenic trail with views of beautiful mountains and rocks such as the Submarine Rocks, Twin Buttes, Devil’s Dining Room, Marg’s Draw, Munds Mountain, there are interesting sinkholes and dry stream and/or river paths along the way too. The view is spectacular! It’s even better when you didn’t expect that the route you went is that awesome! Highly recommended.
      • Over All Rate: *****
    4. Rainbow Trout Farm – This is a family-friendly experience. As a newbie fisher, I thought that would be a fun initiation to fish. It is a trailer park with a big fish pond filled with Trouts. It’s $2 entrance fee which includes the use of a bamboo fishing rod, pail, and goopy bait. You can even grill it there and pay $1.50 for their grill set which includes thong, paper plate, plastic utensil, salt & pepper, butter, garlic powder, and lime juice in small packets. Then you pay for the fish you caught with a minimum of $8 up to 9″ onwards. You can pay a little extra to get it cleaned too. It is a fun day catching fish and grilling it. They also sell canned sodas and bottled water, if you are not prepared for us. We had an amazing lunch eating freshly caught grilled trout after a good hike. Their hours of operation said 9AM-5PM but varies, please call and ask: (928) 282-5799.
      • Over All Rate: *****

5. Slide Rock – The popular location is $20 parking fee including the entrance per car with a maximum of 4 adults (it varies with season). I saw it on a TV show about slides. Well, Slide Rock has a slippery rock path that makes it a natural slide. There is no lifeguard around so you have to be careful and wear water shoes because it can get slippery when it gets crowded. Yes, it gets crowded during the weekends especially. We were lucky enough to do it on a weekday, so it wasn’t as much

  • Over All Rate: ***

It was a fun road trip to Sedona and we want to head out there again soon, especially since it’s cooling down. It would be a much nicer hike and visit there. Have you been to Sedona? Are you planning to go soon? Tell me your stories about Sedona on the comment section and I’ll appreciate your tips to when we’re heading there again. Enjoy!

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