Being a true believer of budget travel which is why Discount Travel Blogger was born, I wanted to share the 5 Southeast Asian budget airlines on this post.  By the way, I have merged here with my original blog to minimize the work and effort I have to out in 2 different blogs. It isn’t easy to build a blog from the scratch, maintaining it is another story to make it successful. Enough of that, I didn’t write this article just to talk about the history of my blogs.

I wanted to share the budget airlines I used traveling on an extreme budget while I was backpacking Southeast, but I have to let you know that you things happen. It’s not like I’ve experience the “You get what you pay for!” all the time (even though I fly budget all the time), I always have my positive attitude towards a budget service and so far, I only had one bad experience, not flying but rather the ticketing booth experience where everyone doesn’t want to fall in line! Other than that, it was reasonable because I just wanted to get to Point A to B in the cheapest and fastest way I can.

Here are the 6 Southeast Asian Budget Airlines I’ve flown with.


  • Cebu Pacific Air – I’ve used CebuPac (as we call it in Philippine slang) 90% of the time I travel from the Philippines because of their Php 1 promo deals every now and then, that yo have to keep an eye on like a hawk to get. Yes, no matter how full my schedule was I book it and luckily I never had to cancel any of them!
  • Air Asia Philippines – The 10% of the time I’m traveling from the Philippines, I fly with Air Asia Philippines when they have Php 1 fares too. It is not as often as CebuPac’s one but they have it too.
  • Tiger Airways – It as my first out of the country with my family when I flew with them to my first Singapore visit. They have like a great deal that lasts only for few hours and were not advertised, but looking for the best deal ever for the whole family their deal was the best that time. Although, I don’t know if they still do that anymore.

There are couple other carriers like ZestAir and CebGo that is available but I have not used their service yet, but you can check them out if they have a great deal and see for yourself.


  • Air Asia Thailand – When I lived in Thailand, Air Asia was the main low cost carrier I took to major routes. I love their service the most from all the low cost carrier I used in Southeast Asia. From the courteous flight attendants to their paid in-flight food, great selections and the quality of food for a low cost, that is good.
  • Nok Air – Nok Air is more popular for the inner island routes, they have smaller planes that can accommodate routes to the small airports of Thai islands that are hard to reach. Their service is great too, not that you would need food for a half to an hour long trip but they give you a free snack and a free use of the fast WiFi connection for an hour at the airport lobby that you can only access using your flight details. Not bad, at least they’re trying their best to give a good customer service experience. They also fly in few of the nearby Southeast Asian countries too, I think they’ll open more International routes in the future.

The national carrier, Thai Airways have also their budget airlines called, Smile. New in the market but it’s slowly making it’s way to the low cost game. I have not used it, almost but didn’t just because Nok Air is fierce with their price competition.


  • Lion Air – I’ve never heard of Lion Air before I went to Bali. I tried to meet an old friend in time, got confused booking the flight. I booked the connecting flight the day before simply because Indonesia have three time zones and Jakarta(Western Time) to Bali (Central Time). That didn’t register when I was booking the ticket and so I had to book the cheapest one by which a local told me about Lion Air. I immediately researched about the rates and routes then head out to the other building where the crazy ticketing booth were. After that chaos, I have to run back to the building I just came from because that is where the terminal is, only to find out they moved the terminal to another one and ran as fast as I can. I’m not blaming the missed flights to them at all by the way, it was me who booked it wrong.
  • Air Asia Indonesia – My most used carrier in Southeast Asia out of the Philippines. During the time I went to Bali, there wasn’t CebuPac direct route from Manila to Bali but they have it now.


  • Air Asia – The carrier originated in Malaysia and I think the low cost airport is 95% theirs, packed but it was convenient if you would rather do the Check In Kiosk that are everywhere, tag your bags, and drop it at the baggage carousel. I flew with them in Brunei, Singapore, and Thailand.

I’m sure there are a lot more budget carriers I haven’t included because I haven’t used it or heard of it. Please let me know if you have more to put on the list and wants to share your experience, I will gladly add it on this post (don’t worry about the number, it’s just a number – oh, I’m talking about the number on the title).

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