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Are you a supermodel wanna be? Do you want to know the secrets of those gorgeous looking people in the modeling industry and be one of them? Don’t wait more, learn more by reading on…

Everyday we are bombarded with huge posters, billboards, print ads of the amazing bodies and looks that sometimes ends us up daydreaming how it would feel like doing what they do. If you have what it takes then its time to check out the list of how you can become one!

(Supermodel Jon Kortajorena)

5 Secrets of Supermodels

Start early. In the modeling industry (which is generally all about fashion and beauty), models start as early as 16 years old. Even companies and institutions that book models prefer young talents.

Project. In the world where looks is all that matters, expect that there are lots of good looking people and sometimes they are just confident and smart enough to know what to do. They know how to project the image most head hunters are looking for, once they spot you, you’ll dream will begin to materialize.

Confidence. This should always be present at all times, this also works everywhere such as school, work, around people. I don’t mean to be too proud, but just simply confident. If you know what to do, what you are doing, and where you want to be then you should be confident. However if not, then just like what my mentors say “Fake it, ’til you make it” and for that I mean only the confidence. Not all models started confident, but they never look without it on the runway.

Exposure. It’s also a marketing strategy, you have to build a huge network and attend fashion gatherings and events so that people will discover you. There are a lot of head hunters attending gatherings as well just to hunt new ones, and if you’re not the sociable type then you have to start socializing now. The industry is all about marketing and huge part of it is socializing with the big people (or even connections linking to the big name ones).

Be smart. Also, there are many smart and even wise people living in that world before you. They have mastered the social formula of getting what they want, so be smart to out smart them to get yours with class and integrity.

These 5 are not really secrets, but they are tools how to win your way in that world. Most people would ignore or just laugh at it but mind you, they work miracles. Whether male or female top international supermodels, you bet they all have this that’s why they survive the industry.

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