Halloween is coming, so that means party! Yes, I know most of you are busy preparing your costumes for Halloween, am I right? Maybe for some who knows how to party you do.  Talking about Halloween, it is widely celebrated in United States, Canada, Ireland, and UK.  Lately, we are starting to celebrate them mostly from companies with investors from above mentioned countries and its fun!

I don’t want to talk about the history and boring part of it and begin with what I’m inclined to, Fashion.  Since fashion is all about what to wear to look good, I think you want to know the 5 Most Fashionable Halloween Character according to my observation and personal preferences.  These are also ideas who I think as a Halloween Character (which to me means with spooky touch, but not much) that are best dressed.

5 Most Fashionable Halloween Character

No. 5 – Amphitrite

Who is Amphitrite?  She’s the Sea-goddess, Poseidon’s wife (god of the sea).  She wears dark body-hugging gowns that flows freely through the sea like a mermaid.

(Image from christinaricci.co.uk)

No.4 – Mr. & Mrs. Adam

Mr. and Mrs. Adam are the famous couple of The Adam’s Family that was part of most people’s childhood displaying eccentric humour and characters.  The Adam couple exudes classic taste in clothing with Mr. Adam wearing striped tuxedos, while Mrs. Adam wears a long black plunging neckline gown with classy looking long sleeves.  Not to mention her hairstyle and make-up.  Her hair down simply matched with black eyeliner and bloody rich red lipstick.

(Image from Movieweb.com)

No.3- White Witch

The stunning white witch from Narnia looks amazing!  With her blonde hair either tossed up or just simply let down, it’s always accessorized with glacier headpieces which I think is great looking accessories.  Her looks is deceiving with bright aura but dark spirit, she truly is a character for a Halloween (and stunning!).

(Image from Newsnidea.com)

No.2 – Catwoman

Who will say she’s not stunning and fashionable?  Performed by stunning women in Hollywood such as Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry, who will contradict?  The costume in addition, is made of latex which until now is worn and sought after by fashionistas as their shiny leggings.  Her body hugging costume boasts her natural curves and assets, plus the classical color black shows Catwoman’s elegance.

(Image from punkychic247.glogster.com)

No.1 – Cullen Family

Who would not know their name? Yes, they are the vampire family we love from the novels to movies.  For some reasons, the vampires have ultra-magnificent eye for fashion.  Their classic taste can fit into whatever time frame they are in, timeless.  Well, it helps that vampires, according to them originated in Europe where classical fashion begun.

I guess most of the fans would agree on my No.1 Most Fashionable Halloween Character hey…lol…  They all look great in their own way, and I know there are tons of fabulous and classy characters out there that I have not included, just take your pick because these are mine 😉 .  If you ask me what to wear for Halloween? I’d go for Mrs. Adam though… just wish I’ll be with Mr. Adam when I attend one! 😉 Hahaha! Happy Halloween to all of you and enjoy the party!!!

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2 thoughts on “5 Most Fashionable Halloween Character

  1. Just wanted to let you know that Amphitrite is in fact Poseidon’s wife but he is not the God of the Underworld. You may want to change that fact. I would love to hear more about her outfit!

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