When on the road, life seems to be simpler but even though the lifestyle is slower, we have to be flexible as to when to move faster. In these times, we tend to have bad hair days and desperately in need of some easy travel hairstyle tips. Getting up at dawn to catch the ride to your next destination, showering in the shortest time possible, no time for blow drying, or the 100 strokes hair brushing or putting on your serum. Then there comes the next overnight trip, that would either give you a natural blow dry but frizzy hair from the wind out of your window, sweat and dust from the dusty road. So what do you do to still look good and avoid the grungy look, dread lock looking hair?

Here are the easy travel hairstyle to remember…


Having a short hair is not really that hard to maintain, it needs less attention to avoid bad hair days which I think is better when you’re traveling. At the same time, if you know how to keep your longhair, it’s more fun to style and keep it too.


Hair clip. (Short) Since you could not tie your hair like when having a long hair, hair clips will be your resort to hold back the hair strands that covers your eyes or face. Wear it with your style by putting it on the sides or on the middle top part of your head. (Long) Hair clips are easy to work on the long hair, although you might need more clips to hold your hair into the style you want using hair clip, it is fun to creatively use it to look good with your long hair.

HEADBAND_STYLEHeadband. Using a headband is the easiest way to control your hair in getting in to your eyes, it’s way better and comfortable travelling around when you can see clearly wherever you are going and your hair is not irritating your eyes. Whether it’s with your short or long hair, it’s the easiest tool to put your hair out of your eyes way.


Styling Gel/Mouse. (Short) You can easily tuck your short hair in place using these styling products however you want it. The look would be slick, neat, and sexy. (Long) It looks great on a short hair but it can also look great on long hair, by using it on a pompadour style or a clean and slick pony tail. Just don’t use a super sticky products, it may accumulate too much dust on the road, living you a much worse bad hair day when the ride is over.


Bandanna. Using bandanna when traveling is my style, no matter how long or short my hair is. You can also cover your hair with gel using when crossing a very dusty road.


Hat. Using a hat is another thing, just keep in mind that if you are traveling with the windows open it might get blown away so do not forget to use the string ones.

All of the hair tools I mentioned above can also be used on your long hair, only, you have much more style that you can work on with your long hair do.

PONYTAILWell, that’s for today people! I hope you got an idea on how to mix and match hairstyles that would fit your personality to make you feel and look good when you’re on the road.

What about you, do you have an easy Travel Hairtsyle you want to share to us? We would be happy to hear it from you! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “5 Easy Travel Hairstyle

  1. Braid. Its easy to be done just in a minute, you dont need any special products and when its done it wont be destoyed if its windy, rainy or you are running to catch the bus…

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