Things to Do in Mykonos

Greece will always be something, which is why I can’t blame Greeks for being so proud of their country, I would too if I were in their shoes.  Why not? From the most stunning beaches, resorts, history, fighters, and intellectual men, aren’t those good enough reasons to be proud of your country? Oh well, all I’m saying is if you are planning to go there and find out for yourself,  then you might need these 5 Coolest Things To Do in Mykonos post.

5 Coolest Things To Do in Mykonos


Mykonos Beach

Hit the beach. Yes, Mykonos have few beach spots that you can choose from to relax and sunbathe all you want during summer; Try water sports like kite surfing, jet skiing, paragliding, and the like.  The turquoise water will tease you, making me think that this should be on Top 10 Beaches in the World list.

Beautiful Mykonos Beach


DIY Walking Tour.  Roam around the little town of Mykonos.  The town is little but has a lot to offer, every gem you find is always worth a photo shoot (or selfie).  Stunning stone churches along with the Greeks’ signature white wash houses glow with the bright sunny skies.    Windmills are beautifully built and white washed as well, which makes Mykonos a very interesting mix of old and modern culture.  It is easy to DIY a walking tour around Mykonos town as long as you have a map in your hand to fight against the confusing alleys. It is like an amusing maze, you can’t be bothered being lost in one alley over the other because you will always find something interesting on every alley.

Mykonos Windmills

White Washed Mykonos Churches

Shop. The shops are everywhere may it be for jewelries, spices, beauty products, Greek clothing and food.  It’s also a popular tourist spot which means their prices are a little high, but for sure you will get a good deal if you are eager enough to stroll around to find your most affordable deal.  My best buy from here was the “Evil Eye” earrings, where in people from Turkey and Greece believed that it can waves off bad energies from people giving you an ‘evil look’.  I thought they were cute ‘amulet’ accessories.

Shopping in Mykonos

Wine and Dine.  Greek food is one of a kind,the chunky of meats of your kebab or shredded meat of your Gyros will just take you to the next level.  Local version of Greek food in your hometown won’t match how it tastes like here, it’s authentic.  How authentic you can get with Greek food than eating out in Greece?  Mouthwatering.

I love how most of their popular food can be down sized in a form that you can easily carry it around, whether you want to it while you are exploring or bringing it to the beach for a picnic.

Dining and Relaxing in Mykonos

Rent an ATV or a scooter.  If you are visiting through a cruise, you will not have enough time to explore the whole tinsy-winsy town but even if you have only less than a day you can at least see what’s in this town by hiring a scooter or an ATV.  I suggest you to hire ATV against the scooter if you wish to truly explore Mykonos on a motored vehicle, some roads are windy and steep that could be too dangerous with a scooter.  Perhaps, you would want to rent a mini car if you are unsure of your motorbike driving skills at the town center.  We paid a rip off price of 30€ but used it for 4 hours, but online vehicle rental companies are charging 16-20€/day for an ATV. This is highly recommended, it’s really fun and you’d enjoy the scenery.

Fun ATV Ride in Mykonos

I bet you would enjoy Mykonos, may you be a flash packer, a slow traveler, or a cruiser, I think you would enjoy this place if you could stay at least 2 days.  Beautiful and stunning, full of life and adventure.

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