(Vegetarian Noodles Soup from Ho Chi Minh City)

Traveling in Asia may be totally different from where and how your country does things, when you travel to Asia you will hear food poisoning, getting sick from street food stories from other travelers (which I think part of the adventure, but not fun).  In the cities, its easy to find western fast food chains like your big old McDonald’s, KFC, and Burger King, it’s not bad trying to be careful, but what happens when you get out of the city limits? Or what happen if you travel in Myanmar? Here are the 5 most common foods that travelers would eat in Southeast Asia!


(Singaporean Hawker’s Chicken on Noodles or Rice)

5 Common Foods Travelers Eat in Southeast Asia

That is when the real food adventure begun.  Honestly, it isn’t bad and its actually good trying local delicacies that you may or not like, you might even like to bring home the recipes.  However, even if we are adventurous enough to try all their food, sometimes the language barrier kicks in. Yeah, I love that pork stewed in peppers when I was in Koh Samui or the tasty chicken topped with fried garlic in Chiang Mai, but I would not remember their local names and most of the time is harder to describe it in English than telling them the local name (TIP: If you liked a dish in a far flung places where English is limited, ask the local name and write it down so you can use it next time you order in a local restaurant).


(Hanoi’s Chicken Fried Noodles)

  1. Fried Rice – There are a lot of fried rice varieties everywhere, from vegetables, pork, chicken, beef, shrimp, and mixed seafood.  The truth is, when we don’t know what do they call it, travelers retreat to the most Southeast Asian meal, fried rice.  My choice is chicken fried rice.
  2. Fried Noodles – Next on the list will be fried noodles. Similar to fried rice you can choose what mixes you want, what meat, what vegetables to put in it.  Even better, fried noodles can even be  served with gravy sometimes which makes it even better for a little change.
  3. Noodle Soup – Noodle soup is the same, something different from your fried dishes but still the similar to how it works.  Most of the time you can choose your noodles, variety of meat, and topping with it.  They put a whole lot more on their noodle soup that you might not want (E.g.: pig’s blood, chicken feet, internal organs, etc.) so keep your eye on your soup or as much as possible refer on the photo, if they have it.mushroom_fried_rice
  4. Chicken Rice – Everywhere in Southeast Asia (SEA) you will find them, often in Thailand they serve it with sticky rice, in Singapore they serve it with rice steamed with chicken stock, and almost anywhere in SEA you can buy fried chicken of whatever parts you want or roasted chicken (which normally costs more than fried) as a la carte.
  5. Dimsum & Dumplings – Easy to eat, easy tp find a Chinese influenced snack or meal.  They can be found in the streets, restaurants and even in a convenience shop.

There are other food that you can really eat and can normally see around but these are just 5 common foods travelers would eat in Southeast Asia, not only that they are easy to find, they are also cheap.  What about you, what is your most common pick?

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2 thoughts on “5 Common Foods Travelers Eat in Southeast Asia

  1. Yes, they’re the most common/favourite, and their deliciousness and variety only emphasize that “commonality”. All I know is: I’m very hungry right now.

  2. Interesting list of foods. I have traveled extensively in the region and live in Bali, and I miss dim sum incredibly!

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