Celebrities Who Rock Crop Tops(L-R: Miranda Kerr, Victoria Beckham, Olivia Wilde)

Crop tops are becoming the favorite of our celebrities, although the crowd picks up the trend later than the A-Listers the appeal isn’t over to our fashionistas.  I believe it is the most common casual wear around but we all know crop tops aren’t easy to pull off, I will still take my hat off to those who can and I have my favorite celebrities who can rock the crop top!

Miranda Kerr in undoubtedly stylish white shirt crop top paired with the lacy white pencil skirt can match up to Victoria Beckham‘s style.  Yes, Mrs. Beckham is looking elegant as usual, hand up to her crop top without showing skin right there, I love it! While Olivia Wilde’s bold colors wowed the style critics on her eye for a great pair of classic black and red.

Celebrities Who Rock Crop Tops

(Alessandra Ambrosio and Emma Stone)

Alesandra Ambrosio’s bohemian style is my favorite! I just find it casual yet it looks beautiful, she just totally rocked it here in my opinion, so simple but spot on. On the other hand, Emma Stone is stunning and an eye catcher on her candy toned crop top and long skirt, the sweet combination is brilliant and beautiful as well.


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