(Image courtesy of Leizel Avila; Edited by me; Leizel and I stretching our 2 day to 4 day trip in Krabi)

Do you dream to travel around the world?  Do you want to make that dream come true but just did not know how?  I will help you out.  I often get people’s impression that I have lots of money travelling around, and I can’t blame them because that’s what I thought before too, that you could not travel around without having lots of money in your pocket.  Then again, time came that made me realize it’s not true.

4 Ways to Extend Your Trip

Yes, you need money to travel around, but you don’t need a lot to do that.  I have travelled Europe and Southeast Asia with less than Php 50,000 (less than 1,000 USD) in my pocket. How?  I think of other money making scheme, I work, I save, I spend cheaply and wisely.  Managing your budget helps a lot, so being fussy will not get you going that long.

WORK WHILE ON TRAVEL – Yes, work.  It doesn’t mean that you’re out of your country you would not get a job somewhere around the globe.  Unless you are choosy on how to earn your money then it would be a problem.  Take advantage of the freelance work opportunities for foreigners to gain income such as English Teaching or Private Tutoring (if you speak  English) when you’re in Asia or dog walk in Europe.  This can add up to your savings that you can enjoy later to prolong your trip.

VOLUNTEER GROUPS–  There are a lot of volunteer groups out there wherever you go, some groups offer free tour or accommodation in return of your charitable work in their community.  This way you save your money that should be spent on your accommodation.

MONASTERIES– Some countries with monasteries or churches offer a free accommodation and food for those travellers who wished to stay with them for spiritual enlightenment.  There are no outside contacts, no MP3’s, mobile phone, computers, etc., strictly no distractions but will surely help to extend your stay in that place without spending anything but a little service.

BUSINESS– Be creative and become business minded.  There are different things we see in different places we go to that is not common in the country we grew up in, which means there will also be business opportunities out there.  You can partner up with a friend from your locality and send him/her the products for some profit and that becomes business for you both or you can also sell it on ebay(still business).

All these 4 tips I gave you can help you out save and make money while you are travelling and surely extend your trip with no sweat.  There are other more ways to do that I might have forgotten listing here, and if you have more ways then its better!  You are also welcome to share it here.


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