I say, must try authentic Greek food because I was in Greece (different from my Italian food obsession), and what better way to taste its authenticity  than trying it from Greece! Why do I love Greek food? My love affair with this country started in high school, during the World Literature class in Mythology.

What swept me away about Mythology is how the different stories intertwined and with the gods and goddesses watching over with their own stories going on are just brilliant! It amazed me how the story like the ‘Odyssey’, memorizing speeches of Shakespeare for Marc Anthony and Julius Caesar, to all of a sudden seeing the places they’ve been or even the cruise I was on was called Odyssey.  Was it a coincidence? Whatever reason it may be it was just mind blowing.

I know most of you if not all, have heard and tried these amazing Greek food one way or another.

4 Must Try Authentic Greek Food

1) GYROS Gyros as shown above, is the number one dish a traveler should try in Greece, it is the Greek pride or at least I thought it was.  Pronounced as ‘YEE-ROSS’, it is a roasted meat in a pit or a skewer and cut into smaller slices of meat like the infamous ‘Shawarma’ or ‘Doner Kebab’.  This kind of cooking is obviously Mediterranean but their flavors distinctly change to its marinate and sauces by which, Greeks use Tzatziki sauce on their gyros, dumped with slices of tomato, onion, lettuce, and wrapped in a pita bread. Tzatziki is made from their famous greek yoghurt that is either made from goat or sheep’s milk, mixed with the Mediterranean ingredients such as olive oil, cucumber, dill, lemon juice, etc. It is normally served cold as a condiment or dip.

2) KEBABS – Although Kebabs aren’t just Greek but rather Mediterranean, different Mediterranean country put their own twist to their kebabs.  Often times, kebabs are skewered meat with vegetables and grilled, some put some vegetables like bell peppers, onion, olives, cherry tomato, and sometimes pineapple.  It is called Shish Kebabs in Turkey and Doner Kebabs in other European areas, kebabs can be served on a plate, in a pita bread, or simply on a skewer.

3) GREEK SALAD – Greek salad is as fresh as any other salad, filled with green leaves such as lettuce, cucumber, Mediterranean condiments and ingredients like onion, olives, tomatoes, feta cheese, olive oil, salt, pepper. My mouth went watering with the smooth and creamy texture of feta cheese, it was such a treat which made me fall in love with Greece all over again through my palate.

4) GREEK YOGURT – The popular Greek yogurt is often served with honey in Greece. What’s special about Greek yogurt? Well, it’s the process of straining either sheep’s or goat’s milk from its whey and as a result it becomes thicker and gives a more sour flavor to it. Serving it with honey makes me feel like eating ‘dessert for the gods’ and I love it with lots and lots of honey, please!

Oh, and there are more Greek food that are worth trying from their menu… Let me know what you think?



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