Thailand has become a part of me, I have had so many places I can call home but this kingdom has become one of mine. I should not be calling it my home if I hadn’t been learning more things about it, may it be good or bad, its how you become part of it.


Of course, I have been learning the language like a local, but unfortunately, I can only understand and speak a little. Exploring Thailand and its beauty, I learned how most of it are similar to ancient Philippines, like the beliefs, culture, and traditions are similar during the “Datu” days; Datu is the an ancient tribe leader or king.

The Land of Smiles has amazing things you probably don’t know unless you ask around. Let me share you what I learned and most probably 4 amazing things you didn’t know about Thailand.

>Spirit Houses

You will notice a miniature traditional houses in front of their houses or a property, most often than not, they have 2 or more. These are called Spirit Houses, one mini-house represents their respect for their spirit gods that protects their land/house from any evil or harm while the other is to respect the departed loved ones and spirits that may haunt their house and lives. They offer food, flowers, and light incense everyday as a ritual.


>Bird Singing Competition

Aside from cockfights that they have in Thailand (like we have in the Philippines), they have a unique way to entertain and to gamble, like the bird singing competition. You see them every now and then filled with locals (male only) and we wonder what was that all about. They are widely played everywhere in Thailand but not advertised in public. Check out more details on Bird Singing Competition on this blog.

>Free Train Rides

I love the fact that Thailand has a free inter-province train rides for everyone who could not afford the transport fares. In my country, families were divided and sometimes lose connections with them due to the need to migrate to the bigger cities for what they think will give them better jobs and opportunities to support their families. Calling home is not an option if one could not even afford to keep a mobile phone (may it be for financial or even coverage reasons), fares may become too expensive for low income earners. The free train rides in Thailand is brilliant! It may not be the most cozy ride you can get, just a wooden plank to sit on, but hell, if I can see my family for free with that train I am getting on that train any opportunity I get. Just with these little things, you know that their government and kingdom cares for its people.

>REAL Free Education

How supportive their kingdom is to help their people to become educated citizens? What about free education from grade school to 2 years in college? When I say free, I meant not just free of tuition fees but also books, supplies, and uniform. Yes, you get 2 years free to go to college whether you get an associate degree or just continue the 4 year degree on your own. I think that would still work to get yourself a better future.

In grade schools, they even get free tablets from the government! There is no excuse not to be educated, it is not a privilege in this kingdom, they give their citizens the right even if they do not have means. They even go to the extent of paying foreign teachers to make their students learn foreign languages from English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese (from competitive government schools).

Isn’t that amazing? I find the last two really amazing, how could they really allot a big budget to what is really necessary, it makes me wonder why Philippines can’t do it when we claim to be the fastest rising economy in Southeast Asia?

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