Commonwealth countries from the continents of Europe, North America, and Australia are always known to have greener pasture for Filipinos.  Perhaps it is the conversion of their currencies against the Philippine peso always goes a long way which is why our people will do anything to get there, no matter what.

I happen to be one who tried crazy things in my youth to get to anywhere of those just to give everything I can to those people I love.  Now that I am a backpacker and smarter, I found out that there are always an easy way to get to places, extend your travel adventures, and live a good life.

In my backpacker’s point of view since I have traveled places (planned or not) I always resort to a non-planning tactics which works best, but I should admit that there is always a master plan, a bigger plan to make the unplanned little steps happen.  I meant, how to extend my trip?  I may not know when or where will be my next destination but I want to share that ideas I got from my previous travels were not wasted.

So where do I think are the countries should Filipino backpackers be heading to get a job and save up for extending their trips?

Let me tell you where…  I am targeting countries where there are no visa for Philippine passport holders to travel to.  Geez, obviously they are the places I want to see (backpackers will do anything just to see as much places they can which is why this post is written to help).

3 Top Countries to Get A Job For Filipino Backpackers

Thailand.  Everywhere in Thailand are looking for English Teachers, hotel workers, call center agents, bank employees, etc. that can speak fluent English.  Plus the fact that Thailand’s backpacker destinations are easy to explore. Full moon partying at the islands to bathing elephants up north will be a good run for any Filipino backpacker here.

Vietnam.  Same as Thailand in a little lesser sense, Vietnam is in need of English speaking work force.  Their country offers a chaotic but unique touch of the culture.  Vietnam has beautiful islands and places to visit.

Malaysia. The highest inbound tourism rate in Southeast Asia ranking 9 all over the world (Source: UNWTO World Tourism Barometer, Interim Update, April 2011). Their islands are amazing which seems like a promising job ground for Filipino backpackers.

These are the Top 3 Countries in Southeast Asia that I can share at the moment.  I know along the journey of this life without borders, I will end up discovering more options for the backpackers with Philippine passport breaking the fear of the illusion to not been able to finance their travels just like what other nationalities can do (New Zealand just opened up a working holiday visa for Filipinos, effective 2013, newest option for us).  I hope this can open the eyes of Filipinos and be encouraged to learn, discover, and explore more what the world has to offer, even to us Filipinos.

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3 thoughts on “3 Top Countries to Get a Job for Filipino Backpackers

  1. It seems young Vietnamese people are really keen on learning English. Around Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi, I saw a lot of teenagers approaching Western people and asking if they could have conversations, just to practice speaking.

    It’s great seeing people use their free time to improve their skills, makes me feel really lazy for just using audio guides and a few YouTube videos to learn basic phrases. But if I find somewhere I want to stay, I’m going to get fluent!

    1. Yeah, I’ve been approached in Hanoi too but then again its because I was with western backpackers. Some of them were skeptical though as from the rumors of different scam artists in Vietnam (which btw are a lot!), but there are genuine people too who just wants to practice.

  2. Very informative! Filipinos are more favorable in any English related jobs since we can speak and understand English than those South East Asian counterparts.

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