3 Tips and More on How to Wear High Heels

Women are often wear high heels with several reasons.  Some wear high heels to get great posture that the high heels force your body to do.  Yet, not all women are aware of when, where, and how to wear high heels leaving them so vulnerable looking when they are wearing heels.  High heels makes us look chic and sexy, specially stiletto high heels.

3 Tips on How to Wear High Heels

Choose Your Heels –  Choosing your high heels also needs to be in accordance with your personality and style.  Stilettos are for chic and sassy, Wedges are cool and bubbly.  Always in contrast, something like a war between the two, stilettos vs wedges.

TIP: Don’t wear heels on the sand, grass, super moist soil or your heels will sink into it loosing your poise and glamour.

Change Heels Gradually Beginners are often a disaster wearing heels in public, often times awkward.  Using heels the first time you have to start from the heels that you are comfortable using, from short inches and gradually changing to high heels of your desired height when you get comfortable with it.

Wear Heels Appropriately – High heels should not be worn in public transport, this often creates awkward situation and embarrassing moments.  Also, wear heels appropriate to your attire and personality, don’t wear heels just for the heck of it.  Think style, think glamour.  Take care of your legs, heels can cause varicose veins too.

TRIVIA: Heels exudes different personality.  The higher your heels are, the more you are proud and egotistic.

Now, that you read more about it, that is not all.  Learn more about wearing high heel how-to’s from this video, keep it in mind and you’ll be ready to look chic and glamorous on your heels!  You can check out fashion high heels at great prices here!

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5 thoughts on “3 Tips and More on How to Wear High Heels

  1. Really interesting points to take on board! I love my heels but often end up in agonising pain! I DEFFO agree with not wearing heels on public transport… i’ve had some very embarrassing moments falling off the bus!

    1. I had the urge to post it as I keep seeing Asian people doing it everywhere. The other day, I just saw a girl fully dolled up with heels walking with high heels and she looks terribly awkward. You can take your shoes off while walking on the sand by the way. 😀 These tips would definitely help a lot of people.

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