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3 Reasons Why You Should DEFOLLOW Someone on TWITTER

I got sussed how people on Twitter do their tricks, and it’s cool because we just want to be connected to more people as we can. But wait a minute for those who are doing it JUST FOR THEIR OWN GAIN!!! It’s unfair sometimes, so I’m giving this 3 Reasons Why You Should DEFOLLOW Someone on TWITTER! Take this advice so you won’t get left behind and be taken advantage of Twitter Tricksters, instead turn it to your advantage and have Unbelievable Twitter Followers

3 Reasons Why You Should DEFOLLOW Someone on TWITTER

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OW Someone on TWITTER

  1. TRICKSTERS- We all know that most of us are doing it by socialising, to get updated with the latest happening within our social networks. BUT there are people out there who just want to trick you! YES, they will just follow you for a few days and when you’re following them back they will defollow you. WT?!… One way street? That’s what these people wants, they wanna be heard but they don’t want to listen to what you have to say so they defollow you after following them. In my opinion, these are not good socialising strategy.
  2. SPAMS- Some are just there to keep giving Spams. Good thing Twitter has spam filters or you can just report it to them and they will deactivate their account.
  3. BUSINESS- Your blog is your business. You want more traffic from any sources like search engine and social networks. By defollowing people who aren’t following you after few days, you get to have a chance to follow people that follows back. That’s more interacting, when they follow you back. Although, I don’t defollow my followers, only those I have followed that doesn’t follow back after few days of waiting. I always follow followers because they are interested in hearng my tweets, therefore they become interesting to me too!

Make this 3 Reasons Why You Should DEFOLLOW Someone on TWITTER a tool to gain something good, and be left behind or become a victim of those tricksters out there!!!

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