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People keeps noticing my style and tagging me as a Boho Chic , one friend even  said  I have a Sienna Miller style that way, but honestly I used to just wear what I feel like wearing whatever genre my mood swings bring me.  Although, I’m always a fan of good earth prints and colors, not to mention my fondness in ethnic accessories no matter  where I get it (although I’m into cheap buys), I didn’t care until more and more people are commenting about  my style.

I love boho! I should admit.  I love the fact that this style is so laid back, not so high maintenance, colorful, and fun. It was the accessories who started it, so my accessories will get all the credits and blame for this.  However, I think it goes on and on ( I mean, the influence of boho) and now enjoying every styles that only bohemian, indie, or ethnic style can accommodate even on the hairstyle!

3 Bohemian Styles You Can Wear Everyday

Yes, I love just having my long black hair  grow longer and longer without putting much effort on it to be neatly tied as I always do in my college days. I am already thinking of getting a great afro curls.  Okay, enough for that I think you deserve to know more about the coolest Bohemian Hairstyle you can have on your cool long hair.

Braids – Braids are always part of the main boho style.  It’s either you braid all your hair, or just  the  side to loop it like a headband (my favorite), or get two tiny braids and tie it at the back which is the most common and easiest braids to do.  Whatever it is, I love the effect!

Headpiece-  If you’re not a fan of braids because you don’t want the curly after effect of it, you can resort to the help of a headpiece or boho headband that gives out the same effect with having your hair braided.  This is also such a stylish look.

Bandanna- Bandanna is the queen of bohemian head piece/ accessory.  It projects a very strong ethnic image and a little hard to pull it off than the other boho hair effect.  Most of the time, this is wore with other accessories to give it a softer or to balance the image.

Feel free to add up your boho hairstyle ideas in the comments section, they are all welcome! Also, you can refer to my other posts on how to


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