Every once in a while we would like and en route from our usual path of travel. I am a backpacker, always traveling in the cheapest possible way to get the most out of it, see as much as I can… An adventure. Yet, when opportunity knocks that you can even travel have a real vacation out of your backpacking routine it’s even better!

What’s even better is when it’s free, I meant, it was a sponsored trip, a gift from a family. My adrenaline jumps just a thought of planning my cruise wear, it’s not like a casual wear-what-you-want kind of traveling. This is going back to dress code kind of trip, sure this will make me busy planning my wardrobe for this trip and I am excited!

To those who are planning their cruise wear too, here are what I have researched. Hope you like it.



Wearing comfortable clothes on a cruise is well accepted especially when you’re dock at the port and you have time to explore around the city. Comfortable footwear is a must if you have to trek or walk around tourist attractions. This style sets you ready on your own beach bumming trip, may it be in Malta or the beach in Nice (although I heard the nearest to the port is a nude beach, not sure). Big bags that would be functional to put in the essentials like, sunscreen, camera, towel, book, and even a map.




The style for a full on excursion or a Do-It-Yourself city or town exploration. Polite pants that will enable you to access religious museums, buildings, and even national galleries very casual and comfortable enough to do the adventure on your own not neglecting style and function.



Most of the time and places on board, guests are requested to wear a semi-formal to formal clothing especially at the dinner events. Jeans and shorts are prohibited at certain areas and time. This style lets you explore on board and even around city and country tours when the ship docks. Also, a quick fix on a dinner ball by just taking off the jacket, retouch your make up, take the beanie off and all set.

So tell me what’s your pick… Do you like my style? What are you waiting for? Check yours too!

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