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As soon as I saw the magic number 21, I know this has got something to do in promoting Philippines and I am soooooo excited, overwhelmed, that two of my favorite travel bloggers have thought of this.  Yes, they will do a 21 Day trip around the Philippines with no flights, covering all major spot worth visiting to cater a foreign backpacker that is just given 21 day visa in the country.

There are many reasons why backpackers skip Philippines and one major factor is the visa.  Although we could not force what we want overnight, the figures of tourists contributing to the figures of income they bring into the country is feasible, making it as a potential income earner. Which is why I love sole sissies’ idea of Philippine promotion, their 21 Day Pilipinas Challenge.

How great is it? From their initial plan to do it January this year, they have moved it by March 2012.  They will make a documentary out of it and they have partnered with a major company to sponsor the sisters on all expense paid trip for this challenge.  What’s even cooler is that, they are making this as a 5 man team and looking for people to join the crew in this awesome adventure by March 2012!  If I wasn’t booked for my trip I would join this challenge for sure.

Man, my dream is to be part of  The Amazing Race challenge and this is like their similar self made ‘The Amazing Race’ kinda local trip challenge  that will surely get people’s attention.  You guys will be big for this, keep it up!

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