2015 Phoenix Fashion Week in Scottsdale – New Discovery

phoenix fashion week


Being new in Arizona, settling down to a new country, state, culture, and of course, the weather is such a crazy but wonderful change for me. Living in the Southwestern part of the states made me realize that I am in the wild wild west, I would say not so wild due to its laid back feel of the area in spite of the extreme weather change here, I am adjusting and loving it here.

Recently, I found out that Phoenix Fashion Week is mostly held around our area. Exciting! I thought. I couldn’t wait until I get my go signal to finally get a job and start living life, I would definitely attend one of the Phoenix Fashion Week one day (when we’re settled).  Browsing videos on YouTube on how it went the last time gets me a little energized that I can tick off another one from my bucket list soon, wouldn’t that make you excited?

Oh, and Toni & Guy is their official hair stylists! Calling out to my colleagues at Toni & Guy Singapore, wouldn’t this be on your bucket list too? I bet it is.

Well, here’s what I found that happened around the corner… You’d be hearing more about fashion here from this blog soon.


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