Ending 2013

Year 2013 is not really an active year for me, my feet were not so itchy as the previous ones but I could not deny the fact that the urge to flee somewhere to explore something new did not stop.  What happened?

It was a year of balancing and adjusting to new things that happened to me.  A choice I made in the year 2012 of traveling long-term and see how far my guts and my feet will bring me as I embark traveling the world on my own.  Yet, Life is full of surprises and though as a traveler we already know that, we still do not know what surprises the world has to offer.

The journey of a lifetime was not planned at all, I was meant to first station myself in Thailand and start volunteering, then on to the next country onwards.  The opportunities that opened in front of me was endless, I have too many choices that I just chose what was the most enjoyable and fun at the moment.

From meeting new friends from PTB, meeting a wonderful person that will soon share the rest of my life, finding home and redefining what the word really means, becoming somebody I didn’t think I can be, and a lot more cheesy things that I don’t want to bore you  with. 2013 may seem like boring when my itinerary is compared to previous years that passed, but it was rich and surprising where it brought me.

Yes, it was hell of a ride but we are up for a bigger trip this year.  Trying to bring our loved ones together for some special bonding moments that we will all enjoy and remember the rest of our lives.  We are still researching, and looking for more options but so far the options are not ‘budget’ or ‘discount travels’ but it will be the one of the best trips ever.  Let’s try and shortlist the possible places we have been looking for…


Why Turks & Caicos? If you watched the video then you should know why.  Plus the fact that the convenience of not having to worry about the visa (for me) to get there.  There are other underlying reasons why we were looking at this location too but it does not matter, this is just a list so far, that we can choose from.


Despite a bad encounter with a native back in Milan, the fascination of exploring new countries and different cultures.  How I want to enjoy the Sahara while on a camel and trying Sishas once again in a colorful ambiance and rhythmic music of Moroccan music.  Not to mention their authentic food and maybe try some belly dancing.  I’m not keen with his eating style, but I appreciate the culture and food of Morocco that has never changed since Medieval times they said.


I have been wanting to do a Middle Eastern trip as Egypt out of the question due to its ongoing sociopolitical turmoil, I may have to pass for it.  I would like to see the Petra and try effortless floating on what Moses popularized in the Bible, The Dead Sea.


And maybe, the trip to my “I shall return” land could be possible, I’m referring to Greece but specifically to Santorini (and maybe a trip to a Athens to fulfill my Greek Mythology geek dream).  I’ve seen how beautiful and wonderful Greece was from Naxos, Thessaloniki, Crete, and like I mentioned, Santorini.   I’m not kidding when I once described Naxos like a fairytale town, it was like being in Belle & Gaston’s town (Beauty & The Beast).  Preserved medieval architecture and the ancient ambiance were everywhere.  Don’t get me wrong, they have the Urban areas too, I’m just amazed how Europeans can preserve ancient and modern beauty of their place.


It will not be my first time on a cruise though, in fact, my first job was on a cruise roaming around Mediterranean Seas.  The first date was on a nice dinner cruise in Chao Phraya River in Bangkok too, but the level of excitement of going ob a big cruise trip is off the roof! Are you kidding me?!  I remember way back working on the cruise ship as a cabin stewardess/ receptionist/ bar attendant watching how the guests enjoy their fine food, amazing entertainment, and the service they get from the cruise staff, I thought, “One day, when I get on a cruise again, I will be one of the guests.”.  Dreams really do come true.  By the way, this is still a wishlist (so stop getting ahead of yourself, Lyndsay!).


Although the appealing luxury train ride hopping from 4 different Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Laos, and Thailand sounds incredible.  Living and traveling around Southeast Asia and always traveling by train on long haul trip for an English Camp does not excites us anymore. Still, its one of the options.

So far, those are the ones on the list that we are looking to do before the first quarter of the year ends (or maybe second quarter). Depending on how it will all work out, I’m so excited for this trip of the lifetime.  I think it will truly is the trip worth the title I gave it! Fingers crossed.

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