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Summer Swimsuit Madness 2011

Summer Season is not over yet!  Well, if you are in Southeast Asia it would never be over!  The tropical weather gives us ample time to enjoy the nature’s gift beaches, waterfalls, lakes, hot springs, all that you can ever think of splashing into the water and wearing your swimwear.

Talking about swimwear, many of the fashionistas out there would not let the swimwear trend pass without them knowing the latest.  Every trendy fashion people out there have an eye and keen interest on the next trend.  For the following year 2011, but Aqua di Lara’s Collection caught my attention.

(Image from aquadilara.com)

Aqua di Lara’s Swimwear Collection 2011

Aqua di Lara’s unique style of swimwear that is flexible to wear, yes, it is a swimwear but you can wear it whether you’re going for a splash or not.  High end style that impressed me.  The mastermind behind all these masterpieces is the award winning Creative Director of Aqua di Lara, Reyhan Sofraci.

Her talent exudes her creativity and excellence in choosing fabrics and other materials to make a truly one of its kind masterpiece.  She is really a creative creator.  Having to produce such a high end products with no less than character to capture fashionistas eye, that is something! A production that can truly be included in the hottest swimsuits of all time.  You are not yet convinced?  Then take a look for your own judgment. 🙂

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