The pink purplish lipstick matched with pink blush is in today, and it’s obvious seeing them worn by A-Listers and Celebrity personalities on TV, it confirms the fact that it is in style for the year.

Make Up Tips for 2009 S/S Trends

However, most of us would want to know how to apply the pink purple lipstick and blush make-up , I will give you some tips and steps how to do it yourself.

TIP 1: Choose the color the suits your skin tone.  Always use lipgloss on top of the lipstick to make a shiny effect.  You can also try matte effect which is great for matte lilac nude effect lipstick.

TIP 2: Wearing this lipstick, you can wear mascara to make your eyes glow.

TIP 3: When wearing dark lipstick like red, do not wear other heavy make-up.  Use mascara and no other make up than the two.

TIP 4: If you want to have smoky eyes make up, balance other make up that you’ll wear, wear light colored lipstick.

TIP 5: Do not put too much blush on your cheeks, minimize the amount that would make it glow and blend it to the hue of the lipstick or other make up you’re wearing.  Remember that anything too much, is too bad.

Keep in mind those tips in wearing make up to balance your look and make over.  Other make up trends coming out is the mineral make up, that is very good to your skin as it makes your skin absorbs the minerals your face needs and it also works as a natural sunscreen.  Get ready for your Summer Look now that you know how to do it! Enjoy! 😀

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