Are you confused with what is that positive feeling you feel with someone?  Or shall we say, do you want to know if you’re in love?  Yeah? Are You In Love? Oh, I’m an expert on this! lol  I myself, found me pondering ’bout this question.

Well, I can’t blame you if you don’t want to assume too much.  Previous relationships may have caused us too much heartaches that we thought we can’t survive.  So, finding something or someone will keep us asking question as the above mentioned.

20 Signs To Tell You’re In Love

Let’s begin to take up the signs that will tell if you’re in love.  Here it is, so read on through this video…

Well, up to you if you feel like this video have answered your question or not.  I just felt like its cool and fun, this video made me smile though, so I thought it’s worth sharing. 🙂

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