($2 USD Dorm in Siem Reap)

Okay, so  every Filipinos I know that knows I went to travel  Cambodia thought I have tons of money to spend travelling around.  Yep, unlike the western world where backpacking is common, it is not back home.  Plus the fact that I’m travelling solo makes it a big deal.  There were different reactions and comment I get from posting all the photos I have on Facebook, simply because it is unusual from a Filipina to do such thing.


A Filipino I met on the bus from Saigon to Cambodia  said he never met a Filipina travelling alone in his life until me.  Some of my friends say I’m so brave to do it alone, some of them even think that I have a lot of money to do it(as a usual stereotype), some thought I’m even bragging just sharing my experiences.

(That’s my dorm buddy Cailin singing in our room)

What they do not know is that it is really not a big deal backpacking alone.  Of course, I can’t deny the safety factors that it might be dangerous, but you  also have your brain to use and think about your safety, therefore you should research more about the place you are heading to and get more travel tips from the experts or the internet.

Here’s what I think, women travelling solo is not unusual.  It is only unusual to the Philippines because we are conditioned with fear growing up so dependent to our family which I reckon held most Filipina (or even guys) back to doing whatever they want.

Backpacking is not expensive, its a journey of universal awareness.  I say Universal Awareness because most backpackers I noticed are spiritual travellers, which in my own definition sees the world in a different perspective than just seeing the beautiful sites and scenarios but also want to understand and be part of it.

When I was in Siem Reap, Cambodia I stayed in to a $2 USD dorm room which is just simple cushions and pillows on the floor sharing it with 5 other people.  You can even get it cheaper for $1 USD but that is outside the house cushions and pillows, without a fan with just a mosquito net.  Pretty basic living. No luxury at all.  The luxurious part is meeting new friends from all over the world and bonding with them as if you knew them ages ago!  That is priceless.

For those who still want to splurge and feel like a King and Queen, you can get your own room with air-con, TV, bed, toilet &bath, breakfast, wifi, swimming pool, balcony, free airport service for as low as $10 USD.

Good Food is also cheap and healthy, you can get them for as low as $1 USD per meal even cheaper if you are not too fuzzy.



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