1920’s Relived at The Grand Prix Scottsdale

Scottsdale Grand Prix

Scottsdale, AZ – Last year, Scottsdale launched the Grand Prix of Scottsdale by exhibiting vintage race cars from the 1920’s. I wasn’t able to attend, luckily, this year I did get around to appear at the Scottsdale Grand Prix. It reminds me of our trip to Monaco during the Formula 1 Grand Prix season in 2015, only with a different era feel.

You Tube Clip

(Excuse the mistakes! I promise it will get better on the next vlogs!)

This year, according to C who was present at the last year’s first ever event said, that they have more cars this year. Although, I managed to get a good photo in one of the racing cars, I was at work that time which made me miss the opportunity to see it.

Not only that they exhibit the coolest vintage cars ever, watch the race, but I didn’t know there was a Gatsby Lawn Party where people register and show up dressed in 1920 fashion clothing. They were gorgeous! We might join it next year if we can. No need to yap a lot, check out the You Tube video I made and tell me what you think about it.


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