10 Travel Packing Tips

Everyone that loves traveling doesn’t like carrying too much stuff but unfortunately while prepare packing for the much awaited trip we often forget about the fundamentals of packing, doing it right, and along with all that also forgets about the travel packing tips we should keep in mind.  We forgot about how do we want to travel and that the way we pack our stuff will determine the level of the enjoyment of our trip too.

Especially the first time travelers, most first timers are overwhelmed with the thought of traveling and pack the way that seems like they will not going to survive without all of it.  So here’s how to get you started with some travel packing tips to get you by…

  1. Check Visa policies- Check your visa if it is all good, whether you will need a visa or not going to where you want to go and depending on your country’s partnership with the country you are going to.  How the visa of your destination works.  Some countries starts the visa duration as soon as it was issued, some starts upon arrival to the country. How long you can travel the country and if you can extend your visa if you wish you stay longer. Researching and preparing for this can save you money, time, and even stuff to pack in your bag as well.
  2. Travel Light- This is the ultimate travel packing tip for everyone whether first time travel or not.  You save money when you don’t have any check-in luggage, you save time waiting at the carousel for your stuff, and it is easy to hop in and out of the transportation or accommodation if you want to see more places.
  3. Pick the Basics- Toiletries such as toothbrush, handy comb, and my lip gloss are my necessities.  Most accommodations give out free toiletries and use of their towels most of the time ( I bring the easy-dry towel though, it’s light and functional).  You can leave those stuff that gives you more space and a lighter bag.  You can’t bring liquids, gels, and aerosols more than 100mL on the plane anyway(you either have to declare it, leave it, or they will confiscate it), so you can just buy small amount of those at your destination or pack it in a smaller container.
  4. Do Not Bring A Lot of Your Valuables- Do not bring a lot of you valuables with you like jewelries and gadgets, they are ‘hot items’ and easy to lose.  If you really need to bring your cameras and laptops, be sure to always keep them away, carry it with you, or lock it in a secure cupboard or safety box.
  5. Don’t Bring Your Whole Wardrobe- You don’t need to be wearing your runway clothes when traveling.  Bring only 2 or 3 pairs of underwear, pants/shorts, shirts/tops, these would help you travel lighter and believe me you would be buying some prettier clothes along the way!  Save the spot for some new ones.  Easy to wash few ones too, saves you money going to the laundromat.
  6. Do NOT Bring Medicines- Unless it is prescribed and you have the prescription, do not bring any medicines when traveling by air if you do not want to be in trouble.
  7. Check The Luggage Limit- Check your carrier’s carry on luggage limit and stick to it, less is better.  Most companies offer 7kilos maximum carry on weight limit, some less.  So make sure you follow the limitations to save you from hassle and time.
  8. Bring a Plastic Bag- Always bring one plastic bag, it’s great protecting your gadgets in a bad weather.  Wrapping it in a plastic bag protects it from the rain or water when going on a boat trip or some water sports. Waterproof bag will also work.
  9. Footwear Policy- Just bring one walking gear like sneakers, hiking sandals or shoes.  Always be ready for long walking situations and climate differences(you’ll never know what can happen), bring the most comfortable you have.  Also, you can easily grab cheap pair of flip-flops anywhere with no sweat.
  10. Consider the Climate- Always take note of the climate conditions of your destination.  Bring one sweater if traveling to a colder climate destination, or bring thin fabric clothing when traveling to the tropicals.

So there you are, I hope I have helped you with that information as it have helped me a lot when I converted from a “Heavy Luggage Traveler” to a light backpacker! 😀  Traveling light has made my travels a lot more easier and fun!  Bon Voyage!

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    1. Thanks a lot hey, that is actually my objective…to share information that can help travellers easy to travel by themselves… 🙂

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