As I have always want to post about this after posting Top International Supermodels, here’s the male counterpart of it, 10 Top Male International Supermodels!  It was this topic that I’m dying to post before the 10 Top Sexiest Men in The World.

Finally I got a the real list from of their Best Male International Supermodels.  I wouldn’t talk about them too much but I want to show their photos in here and let you judge and tell me what you think?

10 Top Male International Supermodel

Mathias Lauridsen

10 Top Male International Supermodels:Mathias Lauridsen

Sean O’Pry

10 Top Male International Supermodels:Sean O'Pry

Garett Neff

10 Top Male International Supermodels:Garett Neff

Mat Gordon

10 Top Male International Supermodels:Mat Gordon

Jon Kortajarena

10 Top Male International Supermodels:Jon Kortajarena

AJ Abualrub

10 Top Male International Supermodels:AJ Abualrub

Boyd Holbrook

10 Top Male International Supermodels:Boyd Holbrook

David Gandy

10 Top Male International Supermodels:David Gandy

Josh Beech

10 Top Male International Supermodels:Josh Beech

Danny Schwarz

10 Top Male International Supermodels:Danny Schwarz

The list of  the Best of the Hottest and Sexiest Male Supermodels are now revealed here in LFTFFG-LC.  These are the current Male Supermodels that are doing great and book a lot of modeling jobs in the fashion industry.

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4 thoughts on “10 Top Male International Supermodels

  1. Garett Neff and Danny Schwarz are looking mighty fine.. Actually I would’ve said Danny Schwarz & David Gandy except that I don’t want people thinking I lust after men in thier undies.. lol!

  2. Haha! You’re funny shuLace, but that’s fine…They look good on both in clothes or

    My faves are Danny(10) and Jon(5)…Jon for this soft badboy image and Danny for being the next door cutie! 🙂

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