10 Things to Do in Phuket
First thing I have in mind when I thought of Phuket was Boracay (Philippines), since it’s their most popular beach in Thailand.  I did my research before heading there and I have found several things to do in Phuket, and its up to you if you want to find out by reading on.

Surfing is also popular in Phuket, with several beaches to choose from like Kamala, Surin, Karon and Kata Beach were the popular spots for it.  Karon is huge, it has become more popular to tourists due to its wide beach stretch, brown fine sand, busy but spacious, a nice place to hang out.  Surf boards can be rented for 200-300 THB per hour and 1200 THB if you would want to hire a surf instructor for an hour (price includes the board rental for an hour too).  Quiet surf areas were Kamala and Surin Beach.

Ride Around Town
Motorbike ride around is the most common and cheapest way to explore rather than hiring a taxi.  It is convenient because you can get to anywhere you want at your own time(but also, at your own risk).  Depending on the area where you are, the motorbike rent is 150-250THB a day.  Just take note that Phuket road is somewhat intimidating with its winding curls and the going up and down the hills, please do not be a dare devil if you do not know how to ride a motorbike.  Phuket is not for first time motorbike drivers.

Visit Big Buddha
The 45 meter high Big Buddha statue was built in 2004 from the donations of Buddhist devotees and people who visits the place.  The Big Buddha’s surface is entirely made from marble, and two other Buddha statues are being built facing the Andaman Sea and Chalong Bay.  The place is also a nice view point overseeing Phuket Town and the two important body of water mentioned.  The monks also conduct blessing ceremonies and rituals for everyone, non-stop chanting and Buddhists songs were sung, while one monk is conducting  “The Baci Ceremony”.  I happen to experience it as well.  Free entry but please wear appropriate clothes, otherwise they will ask you to wear a sarong and scarf before you can get it in, in exchange of your donation.

Exploring Old Phuket Town
” ♫ ♪ ♬Won’t you take me to…Funky Town… Won’t you take me to Phuket Town…♫ ♪ ♬” I can’t help not to sing with that 80’s song tune! Well, I passed by the area and it reminds me of the Penang, the old heritage buildings and structures were almost identical.  Not to mention the Chinese temples as well, but if you have not been to Penang and you love heritage ambiance while you’re in Phuket, that is where you want to go.

Kart Racing
There are several Kart Companies around, I saw one in Patong but unfortunately I didn’t have much time to investigate and get more details about them.  However, I have researched important details that you might want to know.  Rates are from 850 THB for 15 minutes (1700THB for 30 mins.).


Muay Thai Boxing
Everywhere in Thailand, Muay Thai Boxing is really popular although the touristy areas are said to be a game ‘just for a show’.  Everyday they have a show that can be seen (or joined, for the dare devil tourists) for a fee.  Tickets are sold from 1300 THB, if you fancy to watch.  I’m not a fan of violence, but I have to share that they also do parades to promote the show everyday.

Leisure Parks
Different leisure parks are present in Phuket, although “Fantasea” is I guess the largest and most popular and basically for kids, rates start from 1500THB/child and advised to be there at 6:30pm if you want to watch the full show.

Surf park can also be found in Kata Beach, it is called Surf House, it’s a little silly to pay thousands of Thai Baht when the beach is just in front of it, but I guess for beginners, that would probably appeal on you.

More Extreme Sports
There are a lot of things to do in Phuket, and of course, adrenaline junkies would not get bored in Phuket.  From zip lines, bungy jumping, paragliding, kite surfing, rock climbing, diving, you name it.  I have no idea of the prices but you can inquire the prices to this number: +66 (0)984744776, ask for Aon for your extreme adventures.

Island Hopping
Koh Phi Phi is the famous beach appeared in the movie ‘The Beach’ but then again in Pangnga Bay which is nearby is the ‘James Bond Island’, obviously because it was made famous by the name sake movie.  There are local tours that can arrange your itinerary for a day.


Save Elephants
Previously, during my immature traveling days I thought Elephant ride was cool. My stubborn old self keeps saying they are big enough to carry us, they were warriors during the old days anyway. As day pass by and living in Thailand, it wasn’t a question of whether they can carry us, it is how they were treated to make money for the tour companies. They were chained too tight and may have a lot of cuts and wounds from it and for that it opened my eyes. Elephant Nature Park saves elephants from those situations and love volunteers for it.

There are tons of things to do in Phuket, yet, beware that since it is the most popular place for beaches prices are sky rocketing.  However, if you are really good at getting the good rates, you’ll get it but not the stubborn, rude way (you’ll never get anything done if you’re rude).

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