To further every blogger’s horizon on blogging etiquette, I did research more about it to find out whether or not I did the right thing and did not violate any rules on handling it in a proper blogging decorum.

I came across a really fun and cool site that educates every blogger in the coolest mode of doing it.  Infoworld tackles the online etiqutte for bloggers.  They call it “Ten Commandments of Blogs and Wiki Etiquette”, together with the funny images, the rules will stay in your mind specially for bloggers from its cool way of presentation.

Here’s the 10 Commandments of Blogs and Wiki Etiquette the shortened form.

  1. Thou shall not confuse thy opinion with gospel truth.
  2. Thou shall not invoke personal attacks.
  3. Thou shall stick in the subject at hand.
  4. Thou shall site thy references.
  5. Thou shall punctuate and capitalize.
  6. Thou shall own up to thy mistakes.
  7. Thou shall not use aliases or sock puppets.
  8. Thou shall not feed the trolls.
  9. Thou shall resize thy image.
  10. Thou shall respect the old adage: What happens on the Wiki, Stays on the Wiki. Read more at

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Commandments were written with explanation and cool thoughts for blogging etiquette on their website

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